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Bonus : Ang inyong fan art!

BK-81IT2009-08-09 Comment this?

BK-81 took Gogeta Jr's draft on what could have been chapter's 6 cover, and finished it entirely!
See it on D.A. -
See black & white version

She also did the other draft : did Babidi won in his universe like this? Who knows...
See it on D.A. -
See black & white version

CKJP2009-08-08 Comment this?

DBM is be fun to watch.

NightmarluffyFR2009-08-08 Comment this?

c'est mega boo ( lui qui a absorbé tout le mondes ) contre vegeto super sayan =)

bon je suis pas pro en dessin mais c'est pas mal je trouve =)

PuajES2009-08-03 Comment this?

Puaj shows us what would happen if Bra did hit Gohan, in his opinion.
You should be careful of what you ask for, Son Gohan! :)

An also, his vision of Son Bra DBGT-SSJ4 transformation.

DavidFR2009-08-01 Comment this?

j'me suis amusé ( enfin pas vraiment... ) à faire ça, une fusion entre Gogeta Jr et salagir comme j'avais déjà fais. Mais voila, j'pense qui à mieux comme dialogues ( et orthographe aussi à mon avis ^^ )

HuaglomTH2009-07-27 Comment this?

See his other works

Kaiju-ZBG2009-07-27 Comment this?

Dear Salagir. This is some fan art of DBM I did recently.
Hope this reaches you and you like.

Edit: added Krillin from Universe 9
See his other works

BK-81IT2009-07-24 Comment this?

Universe 13 again by BK-81!
See it on D.A.

BK-81IT2009-07-18 Comment this?

Kakaroth facing Goku (or vice-versa) with the others in the BG; they are in monocrome to give a contrast to the 2 saiyans, like a "frozen-time" moment. (i hope i did it right)
I tried to use a color sceme of Toriyama-san for Goku and Kakaroth, i like this quite well.
Image on DA

PuajES2009-07-16 Comment this?

Pan's death gave several ideas of pictures.
Also, a vision of Bojack's next fight.

GregFR2009-07-15 Comment this?

J'ai fait un petit dessin de la fille de Vegeto en SSJ
(après avoir vu Pan en SSJ, je me suis dis que elle le peut certainement).

RinskeRNL2009-07-15 Comment this?

I made a fanart of West Kaioshin. I hope she'll get a good fight later on, she's a really interesting character!
Image on DA

PuajES2009-07-07 Comment this?

Given to me thru the french comments.

HasakiFR2009-07-07 Comment this?

Lorsque je suis venu à la Japan Expo le Vendredi 3 Juillet, j'ai eu le plaisir d'avoir un magnifique dessin de Pan SSJ
de la part de Gogeta Jr (ainsi qu'un BoB de la part de Salagir).
Aussitôt rentré chez moi, j'ai scanné cette jolie Pan, et j'ai décidé de l'encrer, et de la colorer (même si j'ai jamais
fait de colo digne de ce nom jusqu'à maintenant). A noté que les couleurs sont inspirées des colorations de BK-81.

David DBFR2009-06-28 Comment this?

This is how Vegeta of Universe 13 became a Super Saiyan on Namek as he says...
I thought: he surely remembered about his father's death...

GokutenFR2009-06-20 Comment this?

The "psy" aliens as they where seen in the bonus section. Characters for DBM that were forgotten!
Gogeta Jr's avatar.
A pensive Varga...

bejisanFR2009-06-16 Comment this?

Posted on comments, bejisan saw the future of what would happen if Bojack hurted Pan...
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