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Bonus: Tus Fan-art!

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CarolES2011-12-07 ¿Dejar un comentario?


davi1188IT2011-12-05 ¿Dejar un comentario?

Ipotesi spiritosa dell'universo 13 se Syd non avesse riportato Vegeta al suo aspetto naturale!! :)

ArguvandalBE2011-12-05 ¿Dejar un comentario?

Hi it's me again with some fanarts from universe 13.
First is just a shot of the four saiyan when they arrive on Namek. In the second one they ambush Zarbon and his men. While Kakarot and Raditz kill off Zarbon's followers, Nappa and Vegeta are going in for the kill.

2D75AU2011-12-05 ¿Dejar un comentario?

My friends, female Super Saiyan's are very difficult to work with. I've decided that they will keep their pupils throughout every transformation, basically because their eyes are so big, and they look very empty otherwise.
Vegeta's youngest and only daughter, Bra, or Bulla, as a regular Super Saiyan.
She's still a bit of a girly-girl, and wears a pink top. As a Super Saiyan, her skin tone lightens quite a bit, and her hair turns a gold/yellow, but the contrast in colours isn't nearly as strong as it is for the Final Form characters (SSj3's and MSSj)

See it on D.A.

Lobo JrFR2011-12-04 ¿Dejar un comentario?

salut voila le super namek , dessin sont de moi ^^

GokaRPL2011-11-22 ¿Dejar un comentario?

Videl Uni9

LaeyHK2011-11-20 ¿Dejar un comentario?

a union of z fighters and villains, based on DBM

Pan is in GT custom, I think that suit her better

I gave Kakarotto's armor turles color to make him look different

I also added Future gohan, Janemba, Pikkon, Hatchiyack, hope that they could show up somewhere.

Scabior64ES2011-11-11 ¿Dejar un comentario?

estos son mis fanarts

SaiyanES2011-11-10 ¿Dejar un comentario?

Bonjour je suis Saiyan, ce sont mes dessins ;)
Website 1
Website 2

adrian_traductorES2011-11-09 ¿Dejar un comentario?

ENG: Goten takes this picture with his grandparents from universe 10. (page 29)

ESP: Esta es la foto que Goten se hace con sus abuelos del universo 10. (página 29)

MikeyadbyEN2011-11-05 ¿Dejar un comentario?

Originally a drawing by trunks 24 that i really wanted to digitalise!
Such an awesome picture

ICP´BRBR2011-11-02 ¿Dejar un comentario?


GoldenOozaruBardackIT2011-11-01 ¿Dejar un comentario?

This is how would be the young prince Kakaroth son of king Bardack from universe 3

RenanRE2011-10-22 ¿Dejar un comentario?

eu queria que voce s tentasem passar esse dragon ball multiverse na televisão seria um suseso

Crazy-13FR2011-10-20 ¿Dejar un comentario?

Et si Videl avait eut son potentiel de révélé durant son combat contre le Roi Cold.

Now also in english !!
Aidé par Luc1311 pour réaliser sa traduction.

Grey FullbusterFR2011-10-17 ¿Dejar un comentario?

Bardock, roi des Sayans

DavylarsonFR2011-10-15 ¿Dejar un comentario?

Petit fanart à ceux qui ont donné vie à DBM =)

Bonne continuation

ma galerie : http://davylarson.deviantart.com/gallery/

Homola GáborHU2011-10-14 ¿Dejar un comentario?

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