DB Multiverse

I don’t wanna die here! If I don't transform, I’m done for!
I know you can, you’re just too afraid of it… Just let it happen.
But he’s totally mad! A crazy man!
Me, Mad? No, what are you saying?
No, not mad. Just pure evil! Hehehehe…
Dude, that’s MY signature line here!
I own the copyright! Understood, Crazy Monkey?!
WHAT?? Don’t call me crazy, stupid Namek!!
I’m just stating the obvious! You really have some loose screws!
Oh yes? And what about you? You are just the same as me!
I am a demon. It's natural for me to be evil!
No, you're just a Namek!!
So what? I have a reputation to keep! C’mon, aren’t’ we all just some planetary killers?
Planetary? Pah! Kid's play! I used to do that as a teenager! I purged more planets than you can imagine!
SO? If I am crazy, what are you then? With that laugh of yours…!
Kakarotto, you're really a pain in the ass...
No, Vegeta! Just a little kill! Please!!

Bagong bersyon inilunsad!

Dragon Ball Multiverse ay may bersyon sa Filipino na!

May tatlo hanggang apat na bagong pahina sa bawat linggo. Sa Lunes minsan, magkakaroon ng minicomic.
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