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ICP´BRBR2014-02-24 Kommentálod ezt?

Universo 15

gukatia ES2014-02-17 Kommentálod ezt?

Bra son sexy ;) mi dibujo de colorear

gilles budFR2014-02-12 Kommentálod ezt?

Ep 11. Cell-Bojack, Tapion-Kulilin, Lunch break.
En couleur - Doublé en Français.
Full color - Subtitled in english - Dubbed French
See the whole series - Voir toute la série

mistergoku94FR2014-02-09 Kommentálod ezt?

Après avoir battus et tué Végéta de l'univers 13, Kakarotto de l'univers 13 également décide qu'il est le nouveau roi de la planète Végéta.

KennethUS2014-02-02 Kommentálod ezt?

David DBFR2014-01-30 Kommentálod ezt?

OK! So in Universe 3, Vegeta's only goal in life is "Train to become King"! What he doesn't give much attention is that most of the Elite Saiyans want him to be king. He's kinda like the Naruto of Saiyans: he makes them want to believe in him. So they encourage his training over and over. Here, you have Hanasia, strongest of the elites training Vegeta.
Of course, she is way more powerful than him. He's giving it all he's got and she doesn't even break a sweat. In this particular moment, Vegeta is trying one last punch, whereas Hanasia is about to go 'lights-out' with a ki-based technique of her own.

See more here

OvidioIT2014-01-19 Kommentálod ezt?

re Cold contro Bardack

loboFR2014-01-17 Kommentálod ezt?

yosh la team DBM
je vous laisse ce fan-art,
pour le fun j'ai imaginé cette scène .
bonne continuation !!!

gilles budFR2014-01-11 Kommentálod ezt?

Ep 10. Vegeta-Trunks, Kakarotto-Pan
En couleur - Doublé en Français.
Full color - Subtitled in english - Dubbed French
See the whole series - Voir toute la série

gilles budFR2014-01-11 Kommentálod ezt?

Ep 9. Début tour 2
En couleur - Doublé en Français.
Ep 9. Begin round 2
Full color - Subtitled in english - Dubbed French
See the whole series - Voir toute la série

David DBIT2014-01-08 Kommentálod ezt?

Universe 3 Kakaroth
Bardock from Universe 3!
Nappa from Universe 3

David DBIT2014-01-07 Kommentálod ezt?

Vectors of what I imagine King Vegeta and Vegeta and Raditz are like in Universe 3.

noneUS2014-01-07 Kommentálod ezt?

David DBFR2013-12-30 Kommentálod ezt?

A comic I've started on an eventual future for Universe 16...
English version here
Versione italiana qui
Version française ici

Grzegorz BagoszPL2013-12-27 Kommentálod ezt?

King Baddack

LejandroPE2013-12-17 Kommentálod ezt?

Vegetto ssj2 Kamehameha

NextroseFR2013-12-13 Kommentálod ezt?

En m'inspirant d'une certaine team d'un autre manga voici la team cold qui prend la pose pour un fan !

celljIT2013-12-11 Kommentálod ezt?

Immagine di Bra

bloodsplachMR2013-11-29 Kommentálod ezt?

Yo les amis ^^ voila un Bardock ssj2 contre Roi Cold forme final 100%

Skar(-faced Bandit)EN2013-11-28 Kommentálod ezt?

On page 481, the mighty Super Namek's name had finally been revealed to the world: Gast Carcolh! The following chapter showed us the origin of this awesome Namek. After that I decided to start Gast & Palz, a parody continuation of U7. Follow Gast, Cui, and Vegeta as they explore the universe and make new friends along the way.

Here's some fan art from my good friends. The first picture is by Elbadj aka Bluefire67. His other art could be found here. The second piece of art was done by Salagir! He was able to take some time out of his busy schedule running all these sites to draw this. I really appreciate these and I wanted to share them with my friends at DBM!
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