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Ouroboros - 12 Fanarts

Ouroboros NL2021-04-26 Komentiraj ovo?

finnaly we are heading to Universe 10

Ouroboros NE2021-03-22 Komentiraj ovo?

Some friendliness against a Namek could have saved  the Sayian race.
This didn't happen in the novel 1 the reveal of a ghostly stowaway was revealed later

Ouroboros NL2020-11-02 Komentiraj ovo?

The novel into comic form of universe 10 trip home contues.
Story based on chapter 53 of the novelization

I won't let them speak or whisper outside, as with Nameks there hearing makes for a huge plothole.

Ouroboros NL2020-06-02 Komentiraj ovo?

While this didn't happen directly in the novel.
But as Raichi is one of my favored can't resist drawing the guy.

Tried the shadow but it looked silly

Ouroboros NL2020-05-04 Komentiraj ovo?

Lets start with a small reminder as Round 1 was ages ago!

Not something i am proud of a bit of tracing for some flashbacks (it was either that or just post the real panel.)

Almost there just one page and we go to the orginal stuff... but be warned it will take a few pages these guys will be back at Universe 10.;

Ouroboros NL2020-04-26 Komentiraj ovo?

Man did i get some trouble choosing how to start, just where Universe 10 left in the story? Already in there own universe? Ready to enter the ship?

I decide to start a few moments earlier, not expecting many people to read this but.
Lets start with a small reminder as Round 1 was ages ago!

Ouroboros NL2020-04-10 Komentiraj ovo?

Maybe i could draw the Universe 10 story for fun.
So i will be taking my sweet time drawing the story how mighty King Vegeta as he attempts to conquer planet Namek.

As it does in the novel.

With a few changes... mostly that Nameks have good hearing they would have picked up the betrayal in know time.
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