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FirthPA2022-11-27 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Un Fanart de Son Bra usando el puño Borracho

También se encuentra ese dibujo en mi Twitter @/dibujandoru

YassineFR2022-11-27 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Voilà j ai fait un kakarot ssj2
C est un dessin d'asura et j'ai refait avec les fineliners

Abandoned2022-11-26 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Bra the Maid Well I wanted to draw her with pan but I didn't have the time maybe next time and draw with them Phipsil

KibunFR2022-11-10 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Petit kiff que je me suis fait quand j'étais inspiré ! Plusieurs scènes différentes mettant en scène des éléments de DBM que j'apprécie, représentées sous forme de cover parce que j'aime bien les cover à la Toriyama

AbandonedAR2022-10-24 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Bra high school, I think it will look close to this shape in high school

AbandonedAR2022-10-21 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Universe 3 Well, it's sad that they're gone, I wanted them to be in the starring, even if they were just viewers.

le nuageBE2022-10-13 Kommentar hinterlassen?

SSJ4 Son Bra

AbandonedAR2022-10-11 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Bra super Saiyan 2

AbandonedAR2022-10-09 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Majin Bra, Well, at first I wanted to change her clothes, but I thought of a position that would hide her chest and that's how the problem would be solved.

AbandonedAR2022-10-08 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Bra Universe 18, I didn't know the right hairstyle. So I put everything. What you initially wanted was against someone, I don't know, maybe Nappa, and for the first time become a Super Saiyan, but that would have taken a long time.

Darth-HottieES2022-10-06 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Son Bra Fan Special chapter (sample)

AbandonedAR2022-10-05 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Bra in the beach، Next time I'll draw the Univers 18 version and I'll make it amazing in combat.

AbandonedAR2022-10-03 Kommentar hinterlassen?

Bra Ghost Hunter، Well, I've been lazy about coloring.And I wanted to make a copy of it when she was a child, but it would have taken a long time.

AbandonedAR2022-10-03 Kommentar hinterlassen?

One of the best characters DBM
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