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GT villains not allowed
So, what’s your story?
I absorbed #17 with a sneaky maneuver, then I tricked Vegeta into helping me achieve my perfect form!
That’s nothing! I wiped out the Saiyan race, so I wouldn’t have to be paranoid about their united strength! I also killed Dende, the healer of their little group, then, with the explosion of Namek, I made sure that Goku would die, no matter the outcome of our fight!
Pff, that’s nothing to brag about! I manipulated the kids so they'd fuse into Gotenks, all so I could gather enough strength and intelligence to beat Gohan! Then, after the fusion wore off, I absorbed him too just to ensure my victory! I dare you to do better!
You’re all a bunch of amateurs! I eliminated all threats to my reign by killing all other warriors, getting rid of the Mafuba, and destroying Shen Long, thus preventing everyone from using the DragonBalls against me! Then I blackmailed Goku into giving up the fight, lest I kill his friend!
Now THAT’S a real main villain right there!
Why the hell did you invite him?!

Asura er tilbage på en special, før turneringen

[img][img]På grund af et par personlige mål, er vi lidt bag tidsplanen for det næste turneringskapitel. Bare rolig, vi arbejder hårdt på det! Men vi har brug for noget mere tid. Så, det næste DBM kapitel bliver endnu en special. Savner du Asura? Bare rolig, han tegnede den :)
Næste gang, vil vi følge Son Goku og hans venners eventyr da Coola lander på Jorden.
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