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News: Nouvelle lanque !

Ur mab anvet Kakarotto am eus bet... hogen marv eo bremañ.
Woah... n'eus na mar na marteze, c'hwi an hini eo!

Me... Petra?

Ma c'hunujañ a rez, marmouz !?
Feiz, goustadik, paotr kozh. Priñs ar Sayaniz out e-barzh ma egor.
Ac'hanta, e pelec'h emañ da dad?
Ma. Gwelloc'h eo din chom hep gouzout ar pezh a zo c'hoarvezet du-se...
Met ma zad,
roue kozh Vegeta, a zo amañ.
Ho kwreg n'emañ ket pell ac'hanen ? Ha gallout a rafen ho poltrediñ ho taoù?
Why is Baddack so much younger than old King Vegeta? Their relative sons are the same age... Here is my explanation:

We all know Saiyans keep their youth for a loooong time. Lets say they become senile in a few years after that,
Goku and Vegeta are today 55 and 61 years old! (Approx. Note that Goku spent 1+7 years dead and 1 year in The Room of Spirit and Time, so physically he is 48 years old, and Vegeta is physically 63! (bam! :p) ).

Now lets guess the ages of Baddack and the old king (there are certainly sources for that, but I don't care).
Let's say Baddack had Raditz at 20, and Kakarotto at 22. That's believable.
Let's say old King Vegeta had Vegeta at 40. It's believable too, as Saiyans this age are still young.

In DBM, the previous King Vegeta is 101, and Baddack 77. It's a 24 years difference.

Goku's age: 12 (age he told on 1st tournament) + 3 + 3 (time between tournaments) + 5 (time between DB and DBZ) + 1 (dead) + 1 (on Yardrat) + 3 (train for cyborgs) + 7 (dead) + 20 (Uub's age).
Vegeta's age: 6 years older than Goku.



Nouvelle lanque !


DBMultiverse est maintenant en Breton !

Une nouvelle langue régionale qui vient rejoindre le Corse et le Basque ! :)

Venez soutenir les équipes de traducteurs !
Evezhiadennoù o kargañ...
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