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Almost 1,000 years later...
The Saiyans often live as outcasts or servants for the Tsufuls. Their strength is surpassed by the weapons of the advanced species. They are worthless.
A particularly intelligent Saiyan then secretly prepares a revolution, and outright foments the genocide of all the Tsufuls.
Universe 1 and 10:
He is then visited by a Kaioshin who stops it dead in its tracks.
Other universes:
On a night of full moon, the slaughter takes place. The Saiyans regain their thirst for blood.
There are no survivors, except for the soul of a Tsuful, Dr. Raichi, who haunts his powerful invention.
Impressed by this violence, they are hired to do the same thing on other planets, by the emperor of their galaxy, the Frost Demon Freeza.

Spécial sur l'univers 13


الجمعة 14, يبدأ فصل جديد حول السايان الفوضويين، يرسمه *أوف* ويلونه كاملاً *إكسمن34* !

وهو تكملة الفصل 52.

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