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What happened to them in other universes ?
- Saiyans and Tsufuls -
In the DBM canon, the Saiyans and Tsufuls have evolved on the same planet since forever.
For millions of years they have attacked, fought, eaten each other...
Over the last millennia, the Tsufuls have lived far from the Saiyans, hidden by their technology.
Their planet was also ignored by the various conquerors. Life was peaceful.
Universes 2 and 5:
Except here! The “big change” happened way before!
1000 years ago, the powerful appearance of the legendary Saiyan was noticed. Soon after, the Frost Demons attacked. These were terrible events, but they ended with a great reconciliation between the Saiyans and the Tsufuls who fought together.
To know more, read the fanfiction Hanasia
Written by Salagir, illustrated by DBM team, including Asura.

Spécial sur l'univers 13


الجمعة 14, يبدأ فصل جديد حول السايان الفوضويين، يرسمه *أوف* ويلونه كاملاً *إكسمن34* !

وهو تكملة الفصل 52.

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