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TheZeepMX2022-01-21 Comment this?

Bra ssj2 por celebración de las 2000 páginas
ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

PouerteFR2022-01-02 Comment this?

Page 142 à 146

PouerteFR2022-01-02 Comment this?

Page 137 à 141

Gunstardu30FR2022-01-01 Comment this?

Kakarotto ssj2

le nuageBE2021-12-30 Comment this?

Son Bra (U16) en training "DBS".

MoonEN2021-12-28 Comment this?

Broly of Universe 3

Ouroboros NL2021-12-15 Comment this?

While the latest Special wasn't bad.
To my opinion it could need a few more pages.
I liked that the one that didn't witness Bujinn awarness the girls where there to kill them in round 2.
As Syd was was dead at the time.
So a few objections on the girls willingness to kill a ally so directly.

Just me but Bujinn seemed to be a chackter that has exprience in playing dead.
Who knows i will make a few clearly unoffical u6 pages later

time will tell

TravisEN2021-12-11 Comment this?

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I decided to draw what I think might make a good special. Its a Cell vs Fat Buu fight in Universe 17. Its all finished and about 22 pages.

I have been reading since Bujin vs Fat Buu, since I was in high school so I think making a special would be a cool way to give back to the comic thats been such a consistent part of my life.

CrakowerFR2021-12-04 Comment this?

Bra super saiyjin 2 !

MajingokuableMX2021-12-04 Comment this?

Hice este dibujo de Majin Bra hace un año, y la hice con el cabello más asemejado al como Gogeta jr solía dibujarla en SSJ2. Ya saben, Old School en Multiverse.

CrossGamerES2021-11-30 Comment this?

Baddack y Kakarotto

Ouroboros NL2021-11-29 Comment this?

There are no words, at least for Nail.

And finaly the brawl begins.

Néa ArchiFR2021-11-23 Comment this?

Une illustration pour fêter la 2 000ème page de DBM.

HSVG2021-11-21 Comment this?

Dibujo hecho por el usuario Pelu, basado en un dibujo mío de la Bra de mi fanfic.

DantewgmES2021-11-21 Comment this?

Dibuje una de las escenas que más me han gustado de Bra, junto con su coloreo, no sé si pueda contar para esta parte o iría más donde colorean las páginas del manga.

CrakowerFR2021-11-16 Comment this?

Grand maître Uub !

CrakowerFR2021-11-16 Comment this?

Cell Vs Vegeta

La revanche tant attendue !

Julio.gezAR2021-11-12 Comment this?

Descanso Son Bra

Ouroboros NE2021-11-09 Comment this?

Not to pleased with this one the pasing is kinda wrong.

But atleast the Nameks are not too naive now.

Ouroboros NL2021-11-04 Comment this?

The Universe 6 cast
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