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Coming back from shopping for dinner.
Hey Vegeta! That duck has leeks in his bag!
Let's enjoy stew for lunch!!
Stupid... that's not a duck.
...But I'm crazy about shish kebab.
I wanna eat it raw, okay...?
Oh, no! You're about to be eaten up by the Saiyans?
This is a problem...any fight outside of the ring is forbidden.
Gokû-sensei, what should I do...?
Yoo-hoo! Whenever you're ready!
What? You wanna resign your position because you're worried about your safety?
The Varga is carrying a japanese leek named "negi". Raditz wants to cook a "kamonabe": hot soup with duck, negi, and hakusai (chinese cabbage). As for Vegeta, he wants to eat some "yakitori": skewered grilled chicken, like shish kebab.

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