DB Multiverse

Bonus : Architecture and site design

Start with a something simple. When I design a site, I make a quick quick to see what it could be

Something I didn't use. I'd had a hard time creating an infinite border from an image of the cartoon. But on the over hand I did not know precisely how ... finishing it. And I favored a design based entirely on our own creations.

Turn to the comics. The central location of the beginning of story (which will still take a long time) is the arena of the tournament.
I had a clear idea of what it might look, so I did pseudo-blueprints.
Note that we see 24 spaces here, but ultimately there has been only 20.

Gog彋a Jr has made its interpretation, specifically decided how towers and such would look like.

I did a confirmation, with one addition: I realized thatin order to combatants be visible to the public, it would be better that they aren't 100 meters above their heads ... So I changed the sittings, but for places of participants, it was too late.

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