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Bonus : Your Fan-art!

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MauEstMX2016-08-24 Comment this?

Vegetto U-16 es el mejor!!!! Amo ese niverso! ahí esta mi firma en su hombro :v

MajingokuableES2016-08-21 Comment this?

Una de las batallas que en lo personal pienso podrìa ser demasiado interesante.

Son Bra Is GoodES2016-08-14 Comment this?

- Un dibujo De la poderosa y guapa son bra espero que les guste.

- Videl Del DBM con un lanzallamas.

SXGodzillaUS2016-08-14 Comment this?

Don't know how well this falls into ANY category, or if it's even against the rules. >.>;;

But made some sprite edits for two characters. So even if you can't put them up, would like you to see them. shrugs Hope you at least like them.


Bra from Universe 16, Extreme Butoden style

Krillin from Universe 9, Extreme Butoden style, with some other bits and pieces from other DB games.

Son Bra Is GoodES2016-08-13 Comment this?

aqui les traigo un fanart de son bra hecha por un amigo mio.

SongokuPL2016-07-31 Comment this?

Zen Buu, my first fanart 4 Salagir ;p

Natalia Prado ES2016-07-30 Comment this?

Hola ahi esta mio diseño de papel de nota muy bueno una Son Bra SSJ 2 espero les gustes :)

Por Natalia Prado

Fran FuentesES2016-07-10 Comment this?

Bra vs King Cold

YunoKawaiFR2016-07-03 Comment this?

Salut tout le monde! Sa fait un an que je n'ai pas posté de dessin donc voila Cold à sa sixième forme :)

OminousRainIN2016-07-02 Comment this?

I love how you expand King Cold's character so I drew a fanart of King Cold's Final Form.

Homola GáborHU2016-06-29 Comment this?

My new drawings! I hope you like them.

gateszhangCN2016-06-07 Comment this?

one page of my pictures,i have drew over 40 pages.

マリJP2016-06-06 Comment this?

初めて自分のイラスト をアップします、(^-^) ベシットは悟空見たい な優しさを持っていれ ば良いですね、ちなみ 'ω' )و

David DBIT2016-06-05 Comment this?

Updated image of Universe 3's true Vegeta!

AbysseFR2016-04-24 Comment this?

La ptite famille en cinquième forme au complet !

Majin Christian de BoldiIT2016-04-16 Comment this?

Vegeta U18 ssj3 Dai San Dankai.

AbysseFR2016-04-14 Comment this?

Un petit fan art tout en couleur de Cold cinquième forme, réalisé le lendemain de la sortie de la page 1168.

Shad17FR2016-04-10 Comment this?

Et si DBGT était l'un des univers présent dans DBM ?
La réaction entre homologue ;)

gateszhang007CN2016-03-29 Comment this?

DBM,PART 51,NEW change.

my part 52.
page 2, has finished 13 page3. to be continued...

supersaiyan2kakarottoEN2016-03-29 Comment this?

Just a free hand drawing of universe 13 vegeta going super saiyan 3.
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