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NamPL2011-04-18 Comment this?

This is my (3 image) image of Super Namekian. In real this image looks better than in this image ^^

edstirEN2011-04-13 Comment this?


After reading the team using armor talking about how they could destroy Broly in one hit, I wondered how it would actually happen? And how invincible is Broly really then? I thought of different situations that might be possible. Maybe they have technology that forces Sayans out of Super Sayan form. But then, that would take two attacks, and even so, maybe it doesn't apply to Legendary Sayan form. So then how do you beat Broly?

What I think is simply if Broly sustains high enough damage in a single attack, maybe, MAAAAYBE he could be injured. If he is invincible, he wouldn't die. He would just eventually get hurt, maybe even get tired. So what situation would this happen in? Well, what if Vegito went full power from the very start of their fight? He decided he wouldn't risk Broly going out of control and would end it with a full powered strike.

johandarkES2011-04-12 Comment this?

Bueno aquí están las tres ilustraciones que me pidieron Salagir y otros moderadores del foro de DBM. y me comentaron que lo podía colgar en el "fan art". Así que eso hago jeje.

-Goku abra una puerta, tiene la mano sobre el puñado. Vemos un poco el interior de la casa. (yo lo interpreté de otro modo, no sé si quedó mejor o no jaja).

-Vegeta esta tomando una pequena piedra al suelo. El decorado cerca de el tiene bastante detalles. Es en la naturalleza. Vemos un poco de verdura cerca de el, y unas colinas mas lejo..

-En el aire, Bra coge un pequeno dragon con mucho velocidad. El dragon es sorprendido. Es un dibujo dinamico, la velocidad se ve bien.

akiraIT2011-04-06 Comment this?

Hi salagir,
i'm akira
i do again my compliments to you to gogeta jr and to all DBM staff.i more love every day DRAGON BALL MULTIVERS comic!!!my compliment's :)
i write you today because i'm not a great artist but i have many many experience in the sprite comic(comic made with the overworld sprite of the old 8 bit videogames) world and consequently i have many experience to do comic page with the copy/paste technic
here you can look a minicomic make with images from DBM i have realized little time ago...
if you like this please pubblish it in the minicomic section of the site
i'm interested to create strip for the minicomic session
if you are interested from my this tipe work i can made other minicomics made like this

Lamar Wells/ trunksUS2011-04-05 Comment this?

i love you're DBM comics keep up the good work.

saidaES2011-03-31 Comment this?

espeo k les guste

YurugiUS2011-03-27 Comment this?

k'aapME2011-03-20 Comment this?

Bien, a ver que les parece este fan art de DBM que es Bra en supersaiyajin fase 2 xP, que lo disfruten!!! y sigan leyendo DBM, que esta shingonsisimo :D

peraltaFR2011-03-16 Comment this?

vegeto ssj2 fait en cours en environ 4H, c'est un ami a moi qui l'a dessiner dit moi ce que vous en penssez

SayaFR2011-03-13 Comment this?

Illustration de Begita de l'U13 se transformant sur namek contre Freeza

ToméPT2011-03-13 Comment this?

Bra Vs. Supernamek. Bra is dodging Supernamek's energy beam while chaging her own attack.

Hicham.KMR2011-03-11 Comment this?

slt gogeta jr & salagir j'aime beaucoup vos travaux (keep going) ^^ voila un vegeto ssj3 pour vous & vive DBM

See it on D.A.

sheila fortea rodriguezES2011-03-11 Comment this?

BK-81IT2011-03-11 Comment this?

A fake cover that I made following the indication of a member of the italian DBM-forum. I re-used the layout of the other cover... Kaddish (the commissioner) wanted me to show a hypotetical cover of Universe 8 , when Freezer killed ALL the Saiyans in one. We don't know what ideas do you have for this Universe, so I guess it's wrong. XD But I illustrated the idea because I found it interesting.

See it on D.A.

BatrouxFR2011-02-22 Comment this?

Chibi Dam'ZFR2011-02-19 Comment this?

B&W on D.A.

Color on D.A.

Tertre ChristopheFR2011-02-18 Comment this?

Un petit délire sur Vegetto d un autre univers

Mike MEN2011-01-28 Comment this?

Vegetto discovers Bra's hidden power during their training.

CristinaES2011-01-15 Comment this?

PanU16 and PanU18

Homola GáborHU2011-01-15 Comment this?

See it on D.A.
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