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Vegetto was born on the year 774 on the Earth, from the fusion of two of the strongest warriors of the galaxy...
He'll have more and more adventures, as a space cop or as the target of forgotten beings, because if Gokû attracted monsters, Vegetto attracts the Gods and anomalies from the very depths of space...

And his little Bra also will have a few emotional problems... coupled with a danger and destruction potential close to the one of Buu and Broly...
Vegetto also isn't totally white, his Saiyan blood will boil as he lacks an adversary at his size...



Chapitre de noel !

Et hop, le spécial sur Vegetto et Son Bra !
C'est déjà un chapitre humoristique alors comment le parodier ?

Réponse ici !

Là tu commentes, et tu es DRÔLE :

Vos inutiles remarques arrivent bientôt..
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